It’s no secret that eating a metric butt ton of plants is good for your health. Even those starchy root veggies are packed with essential nutrients. The ordinary and less glamorous fruits like apples and oranges are nutritional powerhouses, providing us with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and different forms of fiber. What's new, right? All info that most Americans have a decent grasp on. But what hasn't been talked about too much, are the plants that are credited with some serious powers. They go beyond nutrition and take on major healing abilities. These magic bastards are known as ‘adaptogens’ and they aren't here to f*ck around.

Celebrities are not the only ones touting the power of adaptogens. Wellness gurus the world over have been praising the abilities of adaptogenic plants for centuries. Adaptogens are gaining serious ground in western culture as a solution to a plethora of modern living problems: Stress, mood, anxiety, depression and compromised immune systems. Adaptogens are often promoted as great alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. So the question is, do these magical plants live up to their rep or do they just have a massive marketing budget?

Let's review…. Adaptogens have been part of traditional medicine practices for centuries. Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have utilized adaptogenic botanicals to treat numerous diseases and health conditions throughout history and in modern times. Adaptogens have been proven to help retain or regain homeostasis in times of internal or external stress. While adaptogens haven't created anything near the research budget of even modest pharmaceutical drugs because they are unpatentable, various research studies and applications have proven that adaptogenic botanicals have an important contribution to human health. They work to balance and counter the effects of stress in the body. Stressors cause incredible physical changes and damage to the body by harming the neurological, endocrine and immune systems. Your body's response to stress is important because it helps you survive, but if your body has been in stress overdrive because life can be a real asshat, then it can alter your stress response. Basically, adaptogens are the ultimate stress modulators.

Integrating adaptogens in your daily routine is an excellent way to boost a healthy immune response, significantly reduce fatigue and calm the nervous system. So if you are looking for a great way to increase your health vitality, I definitely recommend adding these little bastards to your daily routine, they will make quite the difference.